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We offer customised working capital solution for the Small & Medium Enterprises. When you select Union Bank Factoring, you can focus on running your business while we manage your receivables.

How Union Factors Work ?

Union Factors (lender) determines if your business fits its profile. Once the credit of your debtor and the validity of the invoice has been verified, your receivables are analysed After confirmation, the factor advances an agreed pre-payment (up to 80%) of the value of invoice. When your debtor makes the payment to the factoring company as agreed with you and your debtor, a factoring fee is deducted and the balance paid back to you.

Why Select Union Factors ?

  • Flexible and cost effective.
  • Up to 85% advance on your outstanding invoices.
  • As your sales increase, so does the cash available for you.
  • Island wide coverage through our branch network.
  • Attractive rate of interest.
  • Free SME advisory service on entrepreneur development.

Fees & Charges

Discount rate, factoring fee and prepayment percentage will be determined by a combination of the following: Monthly sales volume, your customer’s credit worthiness and geographical disbursement, invoice sizes, and average payment cycle.  The submission of a simple application along with an age analysis of your receivables will enable us to make an indicative quotation.

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