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Union Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a responsible corporate citizen, Union Bank recognises that operational, economic, environmental, public, and social concerns are all integrally linked to Union Bank’s future. Thus meeting the commitment to protect these concerns is a primary objective of the Bank – as well as an individual and collective responsibility of all Union Bank employees island-wide.

Union Bank’s CSR Policy

Union Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives cover the wellbeing of society and impact on environment

The Bank’s key focus would be in the area of wellbeing of society with a focus on YOUTH and CHILDREN as the key segments

The Bank’s CSR initiatives will be based on delivering value to this selected segments

The Bank will take all possible steps to minimise environmental and economic impact through its operations

Union Bank’s CSR Focus


Through our dedicated and experienced employees, Union Bank will implement a number of different programmes and initiatives all of which strive to contribute to the creation of a better societal world for this segment while, empowering children and youth of Sri Lanka.

Key focus areas



Skills Development

Career guidance

In addition, as a provider of financial services to a wide range of customers dispersed across the country, the Bank will also respond with empathy to ;

Social disorders

Natural Disasters

Other emergencies

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