Union Bank Credit Cards

Procedure for Cancellation

  • The primary Cardholder should submit a request to cancel his/her Credit Card or his/her supplementary Credit Card(s) in writing, to Union Bank of Colombo PLC.
  • Such a request must be accompanied by the return of the card(s) being cancelled, been cut into four pieces and ensuring the magnetic strip/ EMV chip have been cut.
  • The Bank’s card center upon receipt of such a request shall block the card and keep the card in the blocked status for a period of 14 days to accommodate any transactions that have not been debited at the time of requesting the cancellation of the card.
  • If the Cardholder has not settled all dues at the end of the above mentioned period, the primary Cardholder is required to settle the entire outstanding of the Credit Card.
  • After settlement of all the dues of the Credit Card and after lapse of such 14 days period, the particular Credit Card account will be closed permanently, and the agreement that Union Bank of Colombo PLC had with the Cardholder will be terminated.
  • The Bank will notify the Cardholder in writing, confirming the Credit Card closure.