Union Bank Credit Cards

Handling Disputes regarding transactions

(How to Dispute a transaction on your Credit Card)

  • If you notice any unidentified or unauthorized transaction on your credit / debit card, you may call the Bank’s Contact Centre for further information on the transaction. If you are still not convinced, you may request to dispute the transaction.
  • Any transaction that you disagree with, must be communicated to the Bank within 20 days of the Account Statement generated date. Any transaction notified to you by the Bank via SMS alert is deemed as a transaction acknowledged by you.
  • Resolving your dispute may involve a charge-back with the respective merchant and the Acquiring Institute. Such charge-back is bound by the rules and time frames set by VISA/LankaPay network organization.
  • If you agree to have performed the transaction, but you require the transaction to be cancelled, or believe that a credit is due to you from the merchant, obtain all supporting documents that would support your dispute case. Always attempt to directly resolve the transaction dispute with the merchant you transacted with, prior to complaining the same to the Bank.
  • Please be aware on the charge-back cutover days, which will be effected when resolving your concerns with the acquiring institutions.

Complaints Handling Process

  • Kindly get through to us on our 24x7 Contact Center on +94 11 5 800 800, If you have had an unsatisfactory service experience or feel that your suggestions will help us improve the quality of our service.